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DIY design. To do or not to do.

Can I do it myself? What programs and apps should I use?

We're in the age of DIY. With so many resources at our disposal it’s hard to see why we may need others to help us accomplish our goals. As a business owner I understand handling budgets and resources to your benefit. Tough times call for tough measures.

Although there are clear advantages to hiring a pro, it comes down to what suits your needs right now. Do you have time (to DIY and see how it goes) or do you have money (to spend on outsourcing)?

To be completely honest, there are times when you can totally do it yourself. This is a hard thing to admit as someone who makes an income designing.

On to the programs and apps...

I'll start this by saying, I am an Adobe girl. I use the full creative suite. It is a love / hate relationship most days and after 10+ years using it, I am still learning how to use it. BUT if you invest the time to learn these programs, you can do some pretty amazing things. I've also tested out some of the DIY apps. Here is my summary!

Adobe Creative Suite: You can find some pretty great templates, but primary you'll be working from the ground up within each program, designing custom pieces, building graphics, editing raw images, piecing together videos.

Canva: Probably the most well-rounded from what I've found. Anything from web graphics to brochures and business cards to full presentations can be designed using pre-made templates, and swapping colors and images.

Adobe Spark (Mobile): Okay yes, this one is still Adobe but you can download a free version on your phone. This app is great for creating social media graphics on the fly, that look professional.

Wave Video: This one isn't free, but it is relatively simple to use and effective for video making. It has a large selection of stock images and video you can use, or you can upload your own clips and build a professional looking video that way.

Inkscape: I've only dabbled a little in this one, but if you're looking to draw some simple vector graphics, or you want to take that napkin doodle and make it digital, this may be the place to do it.

Have I missed a good one? Let me know.

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