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Not business as usual: marketing through Covid!

As self-employed contractors and business owners, I think we’re all panicking a little extra right now, am I right? On top of the concerns we face globally, we’re also facing personal uncertainty and uncovering new challenges each day. There’s certainly no playbook for times like these. But there are things we can do to set ourselves up for brighter days ahead.

So, what can you do, RIGHT NOW?

1. Work from home. Seriously, as much as possible. Just do it. Not only does this keep you safe, but your community members and customers will take note and remember who helped flatten the curve (and who didn’t).

2. Put (non-essential) things on hold. Everybody is in a state of panic and only has time to focus on the current situation, not your company news. Even the super catchy campaign you've been planning for months, will fall on deaf ears if launched now. Wait a bit.

3. Take it online. And provide VALUE. Create webinars, do live streams, produce regular videos with useful information, provide support and encouragement, post something funny. Now is not the time to be overly salesy.

4. Get social (media that is). Social media is a mainstay for everybody staying at home during this time. Update your "about me" profiles, add some pizzazz to your profile pictures and banners, start posting regular content, create a library of content to use later, dot dot dot.

5. Optimize your efforts. Clean up and refine your SEO, increase traffic to your website by creating a blog, add an email sign-up on your home page, respond to online reviews, make sure anything, anyone will see online, is in tip top shape.

6. Take things off the back burner. We all have those projects that we never seem to get to. Well, now is the time to dig them out and give them your full attention.

7. Look for ways to help. This one is HUGE. Look beyond your business and close circle. Whether it’s with resources, technology, or skill set, ask yourself what you can do to help during this stressful time.

Above all else, keep your chin up. A key factor in resilience is adaptability. This next bit, we’re really just going to have to roll with it.

Sending out loving, healthy, positive vibes to all!

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